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Tips to Improve Security of Your Commercial Property

Anyone running a commercial property knows how every member should immediately get used to juggling responsibilities. Regular tasks like cleaning rooms and maintaining equipment never change, but management has to think beyond these activities.

As you plan out your commercial property, there are security concerns that you should consider. Even when your property is located in a low-crime area, it is a smart move to be ahead of the game and look into security advancements.

Read on to learn eight tips to improve the security of your commercial property. These will help secure any kind of property, and make your employees, visitors or guests feel safer for increased business success.

  1. Increase security cameras. Putting up security cameras in strategic areas of your property will ensure that should something happen, it will be captured on tape. This is also an easy trick to lower the risk of crime on your property as potential criminals are less likely to do crime if they see security cameras.
  2. Monitor your alarm system. Commercial properties need alarm systems with a few crucial features. An access control system that requires badges and key fobs will ensure that you know the people going in and out of the building. Monitoring your alarm system round the clock gives you control of your security, allowing you to act fast in emergency cases.
  3. Add a fence. If you can add a chain-link fence to your property, do it and add a physical barrier people your guests and people who are not supposed to be there. This can also impress visitors, and cause them to patronize your business for this safety and security feature.
  4. Light up your property. When it gets dark, it is easy for people to sneak around the shadows, which can lead to break-ins. Prevent this by lighting up your property, particularly in places like the parking lot. People are less likely to commit criminal acts if they do not have a place to hide. Combined with visible exterior security cameras, it becomes easy for you to catch people looking to do a criminal act.
  5. Install coiling doors. If your commercial property receives regular deliveries, consider installing coiling doors around your property. These doors will lock down your property during times when delivery entrances are not in use and protect it from extreme weather. Go with rolling steel doors with impenetrable entrances to deter potential criminals.
  6. Require badges in entrances. Protect your building by require key fobs or badges at specific entrances. Use this to block non-paying patrons from accessing the elevators and guest areas. Some property owners even have badge-activated gates for employee-only parking spaces.
  7. Reinforce lower windows. Guests usually book rooms in higher floors because such height makes it harder for people to break through their windows. Reassure guests that they are safe by reinforcing lower windows in lower floors. Install sensors or locks so no guest will experience break-in during their stay.
  8. Run background checks. Many employers run background checks on potential employees. Consider paying for extensive background checks so you can make more accurate hiring decisions. You might have lots of applicants to go through, but it will be worth your time to take the extra step. By running background checks, you are assured that you trust the employees you hire right from the first day of training.

Determine the right security steps for your commercial property by considering the history and background of the local area where it is in. This will help you learn which crimes are most likely to happen, be it theft or break-in.

If you know that you are protecting your property again, it is easy for you to know the first and succeeding steps to take to protect it.

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