Security Guards in Hospitals

Benefits of Having Trained Security Guards in Hospital During the Pandemic

Security guards play a crucial role as front line workers in hospitals in this pandemic. Aside from keeping the buildings safe from crime, they also contribute to the efforts in minimising the spread of the virus in their area of responsibility. In fact, these days, we have seen an increased demand for security personnel.

The high cases of COVID-19 are overwhelming hospitals all around the world. To fight this virus, cooperation and support of the public is important. In order to help flatten the curve, security guards ensure that people in hospitals follow the necessary safety procedures like wearing masks, social distancing and hand washing. It is also their job to monitor individuals for symptoms by careful observation. In hospitals, one of the duties of security personnel is to ensure that the quarantine area is only accessible to authorized people.

Security Guards Secure Properties

Part of the duties and responsibilities of a security guard is to make sure that all properties and assets of the hospital are intact and safe even during a temporary closure. This ensures that the company can automatically return to normal operations when the office doors open once again.

Security Guards Enforce Rules

No matter how simple or important they are for the safety of the community, no everyone is inclined to follow rules. This is where the security guard comes in to call their attention, enforce compliance, explain the importance of these measures and evict offenders if they still refuse to do so. By educating people on the importance of these rules, they will understand the impact of following them as a small violation can cause the virus’ exponential spreading. With security guards properly doing their jobs, a safe zone can be created for everyone involved.

Security Guards Encourage Visitors to Enter the Premises

Some people have become averse to entering hospitals and other essential areas. An establishment filled with people that do not practice safety measures will discourage others from entering. With security personnel enforcing the rules, the public are assured that protocols are implemented, reducing their hesitations in entering the building.

Security Guards Deter Criminal Behaviour

Although there are no established trends in the occurrence crime during COVID-19, having security guards and surveillance measures are crucial. They can deter criminal activities like theft, shoplifting and illegal entry. With security personnel patrolling the premises and exuding an aura of vigilance, even the most experienced criminals will find it hard to take advantage of the situation.

Security Guards Handle Emergencies

Security guards can serve as first responders. They are expected to react and take control of emergencies and other critical situations. Before the pandemic, practically anyone can approach a person in distress to give first aid. Today, with COVID-19, offering assistance should be done with consideration. Security personnel are trained in these situations. They will take immediate action, give compression-only CPR or call for medical help. These professionals can also gather more information from witnesses that they can relay to emergency medical personnel once they arrive.

The tasks of security guards can put them in harm’s way just to keep people, properties and assets secure and safe. But with proper training, these dangerous can be minimized or even avoided all together. Having well-trained security personnel can make the different between liability and creating a secure environment for hospitals and any other business.

If you are considering hiring the services of trained security guards for your hospital or for whatever business you are running, make sure that you hire only from trusted security companies. This ensures that the professionals you hire are well trained and will satisfactorily do the job you assigned them.

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