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What do You need to Know About Traffic Controller Security Guards?

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of traffic controller security guards, and traffic control companies across numerous industries, from utility maintenance to construction to road maintenance. The two main driving forces for this increase are the adherence to guidelines and an increased level of compliance with legislative requirements. At the same time, government-funded projects have also contributed to the increase in the demand for traffic controllers. Here are the top questions people ask about traffic control.

What Does a Traffic Controller Do?

The main responsibility of a traffic controller is to control traffic. These professionals are only required if a temporary change must be done on the road reserve. Generally, these changes happen because of construction work, electricity and gas networks, repairs and maintenance on water, and goods delivery to construction sites. Traffic controllers set up, maintain, and pack up barriers and signs, as well as review and apply a traffic guidance scheme in accordance with the traffic management plan.

How Does One Become a Traffic Controller?

To become a traffic controller security guard, you must complete a short course, which is made up of nationally accredited units of competency. For construction site work, traffic controllers should also complete nationally accredited units of competency. Also, traffic controllers should have adequate English language skills to properly complete tasks that are related to controlling traffic. Specifically, they should understand Safe Work Method Statements, Traffic Guidance Schemes, and Traffic Management Plans.

How Much Does a Traffic Controller Get Paid?

There have been stories of traffic controllers earning anywhere between up to $180,000 in recent years. But as the industry of traffic control matures, you will find that these rates are a bit outdated. Recent statistics list the current wage of a traffic controller is about $30 an hour. Depending on the job that you get hired for, you are expected to work 8 to 10-hour shifts. Either way, this career choice offers a steady income stream, especially since we are expecting a range of huge infrastructure projects to be announced.

Why Should I Do a Traffic Controller Course?

Laws require that employers give an adequate level of instruction, training, information, and supervision to employees so they can safely work. Also, personnel involved in traffic control and traffic management should possess a certificate issued by a registered training organization, where applicable. Traffic controllers should be properly trained in their duties and certified as competent and are required to get a valid statement of attainment in traffic control. They should also attend a refresher course every few years.

Why is a Traffic Controller’s Typical Day Like?

Being a traffic controller, you will spend so much of your time working as part of a team. They spend a lot on their feet outdoors, so they need to pack enough food and drink for the day and wear comfortable steel-capped boots. You also need to have access to personal protective equipment or PPE, along with wet weather gear if you plan to work in Melbourne. Those who are part of the construction crew, are also expected to complete other tasks, like rotating roles and ensuring high concentration levels.

Melbourne has its own unique requirements when it comes to traffic controllers. Typically, a traffic controller course covers implementing traffic management plans; setting up, using, and packing up traffic control devices; using two-way radios; and how to work in a traffic control team. All traffic controller courses include a practical and written assessment.

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