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What Training Is Needed for Becoming a Security Guard?

In order to become a competent security guard, you need to learn various to make it in the security industry. You do this by going through different kinds of training specially developed for these security professionals. Security personnel plays important roles in securing properties and people in a business or organization, thus, they need to be qualified to carry out their assigned tasks.

There are many kinds of security guards in an organization, with each kind performing a different duty. This can include access control, reception security, traffic management, and control room operator, among others. The work can be very complex, which requires special skills that are developed through training. Except for the special security officer, standard training is practically the same in many countries. This kind of training is categorized into three main groups: basic security guard training, general security guard training, and occupation health and safety.

Basic Security Guard Training

In this course, the trainees will learn the basic procedures of safety and security, along with the basic duties, responsibilities, and tasks of security personnel. Below are the different types of basic security guard courses offered today based on specific sectors:

  • Special event security course. This course teaches trainees the safety system and operational skills, along with the various strategies for handling an event.
  • Hospital security course. In this course, the trainees learn patient and customer service, traffic control, access control and hospital emergency response.
  • Xray screening course. This course includes inspecting and operating the x-ray machine. It also discusses other topics related to airport safety, including emergency intervention procedures, aviation hazards and protecting of the employees, aircraft and the general public.
  • Cash in transit course. This training is provided to security guards who are assigned to escort cash and other valuable items. Here, they will learn a standard way of providing security services for cash and other valuable materials for transport.
  • Hotel security course. Trainees are made to learn various techniques to secure the hotel from both internal and external threats
  • Bank security course. Banks are usually targeted by criminals because of the high rewards. Thus, it is very necessary to give bank security training to security personnel protecting the bank.
  • Security supervisor training. This is a course for security guards who are promoted or are promoting as a supervisor to increase awareness. They will be taught leadership, legal documentation, management and report preparation.
  • Security manager training. This training is given to the security supervisor when they are in line to become a security manager. It focuses on managerial roles, federal criminal law and security regulation.
  • Sport facility management course. The goal of this training is to give the basic knowledge of their roles and responsibilities at the event, along with the protection of the event.

General Security Guard Training

There are lots of courses in this program. Those who are interested will have to register for a particular course. Once it is completed, they are awarded a certificate. Courses include operation manager course, traffic management course, operation room supervisor course and fitness, and self-defense course.

Occupation Health and Safety

Workplace safety is another crucial part of security guard duty. Just as the safety officer maintains workplace safety, security guards manage the safety procedure by making sure that all employees are complying with it. These training include first aid, safety management, first aid, and conflict resolution.

There are three main kinds of training available for those who are looking to become a security guard. Each of these comes with various courses. The person or the security personnel will participate in the training which is useful for a specific site or situation.

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